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Go to work to attend a nonstop party!


Every part of your bartending school training takes place in a cocktail lounge classroom. You learn bartending by doing, just like on the job training. Our exclusive hands on bartending school training methods make it easy and fun to learn bartending. All of our bartending schools have a full modern working bar with multiple student workstations. During the bartending school training, our instructors show you how, and than you go behind the bar and practice making the drinks.




Bar Set Up and Equipment -This phase of your training will take you behind are full working bar. You will learn how to set up the bar and work station for the working day. You will learn how to use and maintain all the tools of bartending.

Computer Cash Register Training - You will learn proper cash register use and techinques, credit card processing and age verification.

Profit Pouring - You will learn suggestive selling techniques that increase bar sales and tips.

Mixology -This is the art of mixing drinks. You will learn over 100 basic and fancy drinks. This part of the training teaches you the principles of mixology that will allow you to make hundreds of other cocktails. At the completion of this section of the training, you will be certified to work in every type of establishment.

Speed Techniques - In this section of the bartending school training, you will learn how to prepare drinks quickly and accurately.

Fruit Cutting and Garnishes - You will learn how to cut fruit and decorate tropical and specialty cocktails.

Liquors - During this section of the bartending school training, you will learn the differences between the various liquors you will be working with.

Wines -This section of the training will give you will a basic understanding of wine service, tasting, and the differences between different types of wines.

Beer - You will learn how to pour draft beer and tap a keg.

Customer Service - In this phase of the training you learn how to give efficient courteous service. Knowing how to give good service equals good tips that means money in your pocket. Best Bartenders Schools believe that knowledge of customer service is as important as knowing how to make drinks. Bartending is a profession where you make a substantial part of your income through tips. Knowing how to give the good service means more money in your pocket.

Alcohol Awareness - You are taught how to serve alcohol with care and awareness. Many states now require bartenders to have this training before licensing.

Interviewing Techniques and Resumes - You will learn successful interviewing for a bartending position. How to fill out an application, resume preparation, how to dress and answer interview questions are topics discussed.

         Tuition Includes:

  • Classes from 1-5 pm & 6-10 pm Monday thru Friday​

  • Additional weekend classes

  • Free weekend make up classes

  • T.I.P.S. pre-certification

  • State Licensed Instructors

  • Approved by the Department of Education

  • 23 years in business

  • Rated #1 school by Food & Beverage Industry

  • Learn over 150 basic and fancy drinks

  • One on one and group instruction

  • All books and supplies

  • Outstanding job placement assistance for graduates

  • Job opportunities in the entertainment and cruise ship industries

  • 40 hours of complete training and instruction

  • Diploma awarded upon successful completion of course

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