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Turning and Times into Good Times at the Bartending Training Institute

Transitioning into New Career Takes Only Two Weeks, Says Founder


North Hollywood, CA - In times of downsizing and layoffs, people of all different walks of life are finding they can transition into a new career within only two weeks. The Bartender's Training Institute has been enjoying brisk business with men and women who are taking advantage of flexible class schedules offered several times a day that allow them to become certified bartenders. 


"Even during difficult times in the economy, bartenders remain in demand," says Louis A. Fasanelli. "People of all ages are finding that our comprehensive courses can prepare them for new jobs at restaurants, bars, and hotels."


Opening in October of 1979, The Bartender's Training Institute keeps its hands on the pulse of trends in cocktails and offers its students immediate hands-on experience in mixology. The school consists of a real bar (with colored,m water-filled, authentic liquor bottles) as well as back bars, sinks, soda guns, ice bins, speed racks, mixes, and glassware. 


"We try to give our students a real bar experience with comprehensive training;" says Fasanelli "We keep up on the trends of new drinks as well as the teaching of classics. After completing 40 hours, students will know how to make hundreds of drinks."


In addition, to pouring techniques and being tested on speed and accuracy, students also receive the benefit of Fasanelli's extensive 25-year experience behind the most famous bars of New York City. "People in search of a new career or just part time work will find that bartending offers tremendous flexibility," says Fasanelli. In Fact, the walls of the school are covered with headshots of actors, dancers, and stand-up comedians who are looking for a way to

 their income with working flexible schedules. 


"It's a perfect job for someone who is ready for a change or has been forced into a change due to a poor economy," says Fasanelli. "We offer advice on developing resumes, business cards, interviewing techniques and through our networking capabilities, job placement possibilities."


In addition, Fasanelli says, students can easily make up the money they spend on tuition in a matter of weeks in a bartender's position. 


"We believe in turning bad times into good ones," he says.



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